Monday, 22 May 2017

stone pelters ~ and the presence of mind of Major Gogoi

Paid Media often portrays a different picture !! eulogizing wrong people !!!

Hurriyat leader Naeem Khan has been suspended from the party after an India Today TV expose showed him admitting on camera that he had received funding from Pakistan to stoke unrest in Kashmir Valley. Not just Naeem Khan, Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani even suspended the National Front led by him from the separatist organisation. Khan has continued to allege that the sting video is 'doctored' and has been unavailable for comment after the India Today TV sting operation on May 15. In the India Today TV expose, separatists Khan and Farooq Dar alias Bitta Karate confessed to receiving money from Pakistan-based terror groups.

The Hurriyat called for an emergency meeting on Saturday and summoned Naeem Khan, seeking his clarification on the remark that had exposed the separatists and left the rank and file of the Hurriyat rattled. A spokesperson of the separatist group said, 'Using his special powers (according to Hurriyat constitution), Geelani on Saturday suspended the National Front from the basic membership of the Hurriyat Conference until the clarification of all the related issues comes to the fore.'

'Even though (Naeem) Khan has raised questions over the veracity of the said clip (aired by India Today TV), his membership will remain suspended and the suspension will come into force with immediate effect in Srinagar and PoK chapter of Hurriyat.  [source :]

Tough situations warrant tough reactions, and dangerous situations often, if not always, merit daring actions. When Major Nitin Gogoi decided (and, mind you, it could not have been anything other than a split-second decision) to use a civilian as a “human shield” to protect his men from a stone-pelting mob, he was simply reacting to a tough situation in a dangerous environment.

That our jawans are exposed to these kind of dangers every day, not only at the precarious borders, but also within the so-called protected confines of the country, is something we all know. Unfortunately, however, most of us fail to appreciate the gravity of such a situation, or deliberately choose to ignore the perils associated with it, for the army personnel, of course, but, and perhaps even more importantly, for the nation at large. And when someone does try to understand the complexities of such a situation and chooses to follow a path less treaded, he or she is accused of being insensitive to the concerns of the ordinary people of the land, in gross violation of their human rights. Or condemned for taking a stand contrary to that of the majority.

Contrarian or not, my opinion on the Major Gogoi episode is clearly and unequivocally in favour of the officer, who only did what was absolutely correct, and possibly the only sane and logical course of action available to him, in the circumstances.  The Indian Army has honoured Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles who had tied a local youth in front of a jeep last month in Kashmir as a human shield to avoid attack from stone-pelters.

The Army has confirmed that he was awarded COAS (Chief of Army Staff) commendation for sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat during his recent visit to Jammu and Kashmir.

Major who tied Kashmiri civilian to jeep  is rightly given clean chit, Army brass believes he saved lives

Jai Hind, Jai Jawan !!

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