Monday, 17 February 2014

Masi Magam Thiruvizha at Vanga Kadal ... Sri Kamakala Kameswari

14th Feb 2014 was an important day ~ Masi Magam, generally a day on which the Magam Nakshathiram coincides with Pournami too.  On this day,  Uthsava Murthis of Temples are taken in a procession to Ponds, and Sea shores for ceremonial bath.  Devotees  flock  too for taking a dip in the water along with Murthis in propitiation of the sins. 

One of the by-lanes from Bharathiyar Salai aka Pycrofts Road is Hanumantha Lala Street – famous for the temple of Sri Kamakala Kameswarar…. The main deity of the temple is Sri Kamakala Kameswarar and he adorns the Shwethabaanalinga roopam here while Sri Kamakala Kameswari Ambal blesses in the Thribhangi roopam.

The antiquity  of the temple blessed by Sankaracharyas is revealed by the fact that the temple originally belonged to late Rai Raja Eswardoss Diawanth Bahadur, who founded the temple. After his death, his descendants inherited the temple and other properties but sadly  were adjudicated as insolvents in I.P.No.50 of 1924 and the management of the properties including the temple vested with Official Assignee, Madras.  As it happened with many temples in Tamil Nadu, that the ownership and management of temple was taken away from the descendants of the founder and subsequently is being managed by the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments, which is lamented by many local residents.

On the Masi Makam day, in accordance with the traditions, the Uthsava idols of Sri Kamakala Kameswari Ambal with Sri Kamakala Kameswarar was taken to the sea front at Marina beach for holy theerthavari at Bay of Bengal.  There was the holy congregation of many Lords of whom Sri Parthasarathi, the presiding deity of the temple which gave the name to this area as Thiruvallikkeni was prominent.  

For a devout Hindu, ~ following our Hindu dharma, following our religious practices; wearing our traditional marks; chanting the name of the God; loving all His followers, doing good to humanity and serving those who are involved in the maintenance of our Hindu Dharma are all basic things.  Believe in HIM totally and HE would take care of all our problems….. Live happily serving the Lord; When God is with US ~ None can be against us………..

Here are photos taken on the festivity