Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hindu Sadhu Pragya Singh denied bail even when her father is dead

Press Council Chairman Justice Markandey Katju  recently created sensation by stating that  he would continue to seek pardon for Sanjay Duttdespite the actor's decision to surrender. "I will continue to appeal to both the President and the Governor (of Maharashtra) because I think he (Sanjay Dutt) deserves to be pardoned," the Press Council of India chairman said.  On his defence, Justice Katju said, "Dutte has been socially boycotted for five years, it took five to six years for him to restore his career. "No producer offered him film. (There were) no bank loans for him and every time he needed to seek court's permission before going on foreign trips," he said.

Somebody holding AK47, having tea with terrorists sure needs to be pardoned.

Two Indian fishermen were murdered cold blooded and a benevolent Indian judiciary permitted Italian marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone to fly home for Christmas  and then again for voting in Italian elections….. that their Govt further created sensation by telling that they would not come back is another matter altogether.

if you ever thought, Indian judiciary is not strict – here is its other face… a female sadhu has been languishing in prison without any of the charges established but …. she is a hindu and hence denied even fundamental rights….. not allowed proper treatment for cancer and denied bail.

Amidst a veil of secrecy and tight security, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur attended her father’s funeral on Monday and promptly set off for jail in Bhopal. The Special Judge (NIA) Bhopal, Vijay Kumar Pandey, on March 3, 2013, gave special permission to Sadhvi Pragya to attend her father’s funeral on March 4, and ordered her to return to jail on March 5.

Ayurvedic doctor Chandrapal Singh died on March 2, 2013, in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. His family immediately declared that the funeral would not be held until the Sadhvi gets bail. They took the body to their native village, Lahar, Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh, for the last rites. Bail is normally granted to undertrials and even convicts to attend family funerals and weddings. In fact, on October 19, 2012, Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir headed the Bench that granted bail to journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi who was arrested on March 6, 2012 for alleged involvement in the Israeli diplomat car attack case, on grounds that bail is a right.

But when it comes to a Hindu Sadhu, things are different ~ for Hindus are united and there is none to raise their voice for the Sadhu……………..  Sad indeed….

But different standards have always been applied in the case of Sadhvi Pragya, who has been denied bail persistently for five years despite suffering from cancer. More pertinently, Sadhvi Pragya has been languishing in jail despite the police or intelligence agencies failing to frame charges against her in the 2008 Malegaon blasts. When she developed cancer in jail and experienced ill-treatment in custody, she informed the Registrar (Judicial), Mumbai High Court, in January 2013 that she would not take medical treatment for her malady unless released on bail. Despite the poignancy of the situation, the National Investigation Agency again opposed Sadhvi Pragya’s bail application in February 2013; it offered to get her admitted to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, which she declined.

Despite the complete absence of any evidence – primary, circumstantial, corroborative, forensic, or even contrived through facilities like brain-mapping and lie detector tests during prolonged police custody – the myth was assiduously maintained with help from an obliging media which reported all leaks as gospel truth and a judiciary that refused bail and gave the Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad excessive leeway in its fishing expedition.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How rich is the Lord [only depends on its Administrators !!!]

To those of us who have great faith in Lord and frequent Temples regularly………… first read the News that has appeared in Times of India – Chennai Edition of date – 13th March 2013.

How rich is the Lord? Boards at temples will tell devotees
Govt-Controlled Shrines Told To Display Property Details
B Sivakumar TNN

Chennai: Next time you visit a temple in Tamil Nadu, besides a darshan, you can also learn how rich the presiding deity is. A circular issued by the state government’s Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department has directed all the 38,000 temples under its control to display details of properties held by them, the occupants of properties and the names of rent defaulters.

    “We have instructed temple authorities to put up big boards with all the property information along with puja timings, available sevas, names of donors and their contributions. This is to help tourists visiting a temple for the first time to get all the information about it,” HR&CE commissioner P Dhanapal told TOI.

    On April 23 last year, the Madras high court directed the government to collect details about the properties owned by various temples under its control and create a database. This follows a petition filed by Swamy Govinda Ramanujadasa, president of the Chennai-based International Sri Vaishnava Dharma Sumraksahna Society. Ramanujadasa informed the court that temples in Tamil Nadu own about 4.78 lakh acres of land worth thousands of crores of rupees. Though temples are endowed with such valuable assets, most are unable to conduct even one puja daily because they don’t get much revenue out of these properties, he said. The revenue department, which is in possession of the land records, must pass on the details to the HR&CE department so that for necessary action can be taken to get back lands under illegal occupation.

    The HR&CE began collecting information about the properties owned by each temple and in the process, it also instructed authorities to display the property details along with the daily puja routine on the premises, said Dhanapal. Right now, temples under the Salem division of the HR&CE have begun putting up boards with all the information. Others are likely to follow suit soon.

    The department, which was recently attached to the tourism department, has also instructed major temples to put up signboards in public places like bus stands, police stations, railway stations and other prominent places giving directions and details like distance from important locations.
    Recently, some boards that contained directions to the Meenakshi Amman temple in English, Hindi and Tamil in Madurai were vandalised and the authorities were made to remove them.      “Such incidents are rare and boards are being installed with information about the temple in prominent towns,” said Dhanapal.

So there will be Boards that will explain the temple’s history and also the extent of property under its control

After reading the news, one cannot but ask….  

The website of ‘The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department’ states that : The management and control of the temples and the administration of their endowments is one of the primary responsibilities of the State . A number of measures have been undertaken prior to the year 1925 for efficient control and supervision of the administratin of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments.HRCE.  In the Act 1 of 1925, the Government constituted "the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board"

Now there are highly paid Officers and Staff – administering the temple…… but unfortunately, they still do not know the property owned by the temples, leave alone the correct way of administration – the simple step of collecting proper revenue.  Recently, in some temples the list of defaulters were displayed….. the rents are measly absolutely not in tune with the present day property rates…… No body on earth would rent out property for such small measly amounts and yet lakhs of rupees remain unpaid or rather uncollected.  It is common knowledge that even those Temples for which vast landed property had been donated in the past by various donors do not get proper revenue……… are all these the basic responsibility – the very purpose of existence of administrators in such temple…… and when such arrears exist, why no action is being taken against those Officers who are failing in their basic duty.

Only Gold alone can save the Temples !!

With regret – Allikkeni Mainthan.