Friday, 12 September 2014

Thiruporur Sri Kanthaswami Temple..

On the Old Mahabalipuram Road, around 40 kilometers away from Chennai is the famous temple of Lord Muruga… it is Sree Kanthaswamy Temple at Thiruporur.

It is an ancient temple – the Lord capable of granting us boons, Sri Kandaswamy here graces with Valli and Deivanai. The moorthi here is believed to be ‘suyambu’ – self made.  According to legend, this place is hailed as ‘yuthapuri’.  Just as Lord Muruga fought and defeated demons at Thiruchendur and Thiruparankundram, here to the destroyed the evils.

According to temple records, Muruga fought "Thalayaya Asuran"  on air and this connotes the vanquishing of "arrogance or pride". Thiruporur as the very name suggests, is the venue of war ("Por" in Tamil means war).  There is also the century old Adhinam known as Thiruporur Adhinam Srimad Chidambara Swamy here.   

For sure a holy place does need a reference to cinema to be famous – yet this is place associated with the hit movie   ‘Kanthaswamy’ …. Super hero, unearthing of black money, doing good to depraved in the name of God, super computing, hacking – many of the Hollywood ideas were put inside the entertaining film of  Vikram in lead role – a movie of hero reaching out to poor and needy people who still crave for a square meal from out of enormous riches of super rich a la Robinhood was ‘Kanthasamy’…………. the film takes reference to the famous Murugan Temple at Thiruporur  where thousands of people tie piece of paper containing their wish – on the tree (sthalavriksham), a tradition followed in many villages. 
On 11th Sept. 2014, Kumbabishekam was performed here – thousands of devotees visited the Temple and had darshan of Lord Muruga.

Visit the temple and get the  blessings of  Kumaraswamy.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Sad, Rawalpindi may fall to designs of Pak army

Hindu temples are under attack – in our own beautiful Country, some puranic temples are not so well cared for – centuries ago, they had pristine place.  Now some of them are lying uncared for – for there are many living in the precincts and taking care – in many cases, the Temples own many assets – but they have falled into the hands of sinners who do not pay revenue property.  The administration is lackadaisical and temple funds are exploited and used for various other purposes by Govts who have no right to administer in such a way.  Those donations are for that Temple only and how they can they be used for any other purpose

Sad is the state of affairs .......
Here is something from Daily Mail reported on 28th Aug 2014  on yet another temple that could become a casualty ... it is not in India – but in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Pakistan's most tumultuous fortnight threw up another, albeit sly and covert, cause for concern and strident outrage. An old Hindu temple in the garrison town of Rawalpindi may be poised to become a quiet casualty to development designs initiated by the army in the name of an educational complex.  The 82-year-old Maharishi Valmik Swamiji Mandir in Chaklala Cantonment, better known as Balaknash Temple, has long served as a shelter for the homeless, a social welfare institution and a centre of unity.

The Pakistan Army wants to bulldoze the temple in favour of a new project.  The impact of such a heinous move will resonate well beyond this place of worship - an ancient settlement of a vast Hindu populace. Muslims and Christians too will be dislodged and scattered to subsist on makeshift options or even under the open sky. Although community representatives maintain they have not received any written orders, fear pervades the neighbourhood. Hence, the anxious inhabitants have filed a civil petition against the demolition strategy and managed a stay order that sadly, offers short-term comfort, whereby they can live here till mid-September.

This is a novel scenario where the plan is not being hatched by regular land mafia but by the army, which begs for a larger debate: Are such strategies not in direct conflict with the war being waged on terrorists in the same country?  Secondly, in times where a deeply strengthened civil society has held the same province hostage for two weeks, it is clear that the days when aspects of Pakistan's diverse citizenry stood undermined are bygone.

Where Pakistan adheres to Islam, its present-day social currents convey a categorical message – pluralism enshrined in the faith demands a celebration of humanity, the greatest manifestation of divinity.

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