Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kanchi Seers acquitted ~ walks free in Sankararaman murder case

சுமார் 9 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு மேல் நடைபெற்று வந்த காஞ்சிபுரம் சங்கரராமன் கொலை வழக்கில் குற்றம்சாட்டப்பட்ட காஞ்சி மடாதிபதி ஜெயேந்திரர், இளைய மடாதிபதி வியேந்திரர் உள்ளிட்ட அனைவரையும் விடுதலை செய்து புதுச்சேரி சிறப்பு நீதிமன்றம் இன்று  தீர்ப்பு வழங்கி உள்ளது.

The two seers of Kanchi Sankara Mutt, Jayendra Saraswathi and Vijayendra Saraswathi have been acquitted…. Rightfully this should make Hindus happy……

The case relates to the murder of A. Sankararaman, manager of the Sri Varadarajaperumal temple in Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu that took place on September 3, 2004

The acquittal is for sure a huge relief to the pontiffs of Kanchi Sankara Mutt, Jayendra Saraswathi and Vijayendra Saraswathi, and all the followers of the glorious Mutt.

The Puducherry sessions court this morning acquitted them in the sensational case of murder of a temple official in Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu. Besides the seers, arraigned as accused 1 and accused 2 respectively in the murder of A Sankararaman, Manager of the Varadarajaperumal temple in Kancheepuram district, 21 other accused were also acquitted by Puducherry Principal District and Sessions Judge C S Murugan. A total of 24 persons were made accused in the case, but one of them, Kathiravan, was killed early this year.

The judge held that the witnesses failed to support the prosecution case that the two Sankaracharyas — Jayendra (78) and Vijayendra (44) -- were part of a conspiracy to eliminate the temple official in September 2004. He also said the witnesses, including Sankararaman’s daughter, failed to identify the accused in the court. None of them identified any accused in the court and no incriminating evidence was made out against the accused, the judge noted.

Arrest during Diwali : The arrest of Jayendra Saraswathi on Diwali day in November 2004 in Andhra Pradesh and later his heir apparent, Vijayendra, came as a big jolt to the Kanchi Mutt and its followers.

The keenly-anticipated judgement was delivered in a packed court hall for which security was beefed up in and around the area.

The scars of the arrest will remain ever as the high seat of Saivaite religion was attacked and Hindus failed to rise as one in condemning.

The believers must have had total faith that their seers will do nothing wrong… that way this will ever remain a sordid episode… Jaya Jaya Sankara .. Hara Hara Sankara...

Report source : The Hindu & Dinamalar.